You Are Here - Welcome!
Looky!  It's good shoppin' weather!
Ron!  Please stop target-practicing in the store!
Owners Ron & Donna Nordstrom
The Fredericksburg General Store
Proudly opened its door on Oct 30, 2006,
and is happy to be here at
143East Main Street
in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg,

opening earlier and staying later
than most establishments.

Store owners Ron and Donna Nordstrom
search far and wide for the best selection
possible of high quality merchandise
to offer you at the greatest prices.

And out store employees are
the friendliest in town!

Open 7 days a week
All major credit cards accepted
We can ship your purchases
Next door to the bakery
(See location maps below.)
Fredericksburg is nestled in the
scenic "Hill Country" of Texas.
Historic Downtown Fredericksburg.  Or close.
Our store is located here,
in Historic Downtown Fredericksburg:
And here's a closer view:
Come in and see why
The Fun Is Free!
Quick!  Turn rightside-up around before my luck runs out!
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